She Dips These in Colored Icing and What She Makes is a SCREAM!

She Dips These in Colored Icing and What She Makes is a SCREAM! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I just went crazy over these when I saw what she put on these! They are just about the cutest things I’ve seen and they are so easy to do with incredibly darling results! Everybody loves these characters! This project is so much fun. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!  Salina Gomez was on Ellen yesterday and was wearing a bralette just like this with a white jacket and slacks, so it must be really popular!


I think we all love Minions and this is a brilliant idea for kids parties and BIG people too! These are just way too adorable! I’ll have to admit…I’ve seen all of the Minion movies! So I’m especially fond of these!

These might be my favorite cake pops I have made to date, and that is saying a lot because I have liked most of them.  They looked so much like the characters and I love cake pops with lots of details, and man did these have details. Some people use marshmallows, instead of cake, to make these, but I prefer the taste of the cake.

I want to share a little tip on on shaping. I think it really helps to get smoother edges. After you roll your mixture into evenly sized cake balls, you can use wax paper to help shape. I do this all the time for shapes that need sharper edges like boxes and such. You can simply slide the shape along a wax-paper covered surface and rotate.

And in the case of cylinders like these, start the shape of your cake ball cylinders by hand and then roll them up in a strip of wax paper. Twist the ends and then squeeze together while rolling on a flat surface to get smooth sides. It really works great. I found the candy eyes at Hobby Lobby if you have one in your area, but you can also use white M&M’s, or candy necklace pieces.

Watch this tutorial and enjoy making your Minion Cake Pops!

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