Easy to Eat Delicious Mini Caramel Apples Are a Big Hit With Everybody!

Easy to Eat Delicious Mini Caramel Apples Are a Big Hit With Everybody! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

My Litter


I’ve always loved caramel apples, but hate that they are so messy and hard to eat!  I found my solution with these mini caramel apples on a stick!  They are so much easier to bite into and it’s a more pleasurable experience.  My kids love these and I make them a lot more often than I would the larger ones. You can add all kinds of things to the caramel…mini chocolate chips and nuts are one idea for a delicious and different caramel apple.  These make great teacher gifts and gifts to take to friends.


Tiffany with mylitter.com gave us a couple of helpful tips to get the caramel to stick to the apples.  She said:

  • Let the caramel cool BEFORE you dip the apples. It has to thicken a little and not be so hot.
  • Apples should be room temperature.
  • If there is still skin on the apple, make sure the waxy skin is gone. OR boil the apples whole for about 30 seconds to get the wax off, then scoop them out.

She also suggests that you don’t store them in the fridge because they tend to sweat and the caramel can come off.

Watch this step by step tutorial and learn how to make these delicious little caramel apples!


Thanks to Tiffany with MyLitter.com for the use of her photo of the mini caramel apples.  Check out her blog site for more great ideas!

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