She Tries A Pinterest Hack To Condition Her Dry Hair And We’ll See If It Works!

She Tries A Pinterest Hack To Condition Her Dry Hair And We’ll See If It Works! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’ve actually heard of doing this throughout the years, as a matter of fact, many years ago, I had a sister-in-law that would put this on her hair before going out in the sun to sit by the pool. I thought she was nuts at the time!


This is something that we usually all have in our refrigerators, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a hair mask to fix your dry or over processed hair!

In this age when spas and expensive treatments rule the hair care industry, mayonnaise treatment is not only inexpensive but natural and safe too. It gives your hair the strength and goodness of eggs, increases hair density and makes hair shaft stronger. When most salon treatments do more harm than good, mayonnaise hair treatment comes as an easy solution for your hair care. No matter how healthy your hair is, we all need some timely caring and pampering. Mayonnaise is said to have a lot of oils and proteins that are needed for well-hydrated mane. It is an excellent way of moisturizing your hair.

Mayonnaise treatments also help protect your hair from all the harmful effects of styling products. These products tend to dry our hair out. Mayonnaise helps replenish and repair damage.

The vinegar, found in mayonnaise, helps restore the healthy pH balance to your otherwise damaged hair. The protein found in mayonnaise helps fill the gap and clings on to the hair strands really well. This makes your hair look fuller and gives it an excellent shine.

Here’s what she does:

  • Dampen your hair
  • Take a cup full of mayonnaise and apply it starting from your scalp to ends.
  • Give yourself a good hair massage. Make sure you massage outwards from roots to end.
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes and thoroughly wash your hair thereafter.
  • Use a gentle moisturizing shampoo that cleanses your hair well without drying it too much.
  • This treatment should ideally be done monthly.

Alternately, this mayonnaise hair treatment can also be done on dry hair. You can also add other natural ingredients like olive oil , eggs and avocados for some extra nourishment.

Watch this step by step tutorial by Ellie and take out the Mayo for some silky well conditioned hair!

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