DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder

DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Have you ever put much thought into your tissue box? I never really had until one day when I was doing my grocery shopping, and tissues were on my list. I was in the tissue aisle and had a hard time finding a box that would go well in my bathroom. I mean come on, your tissue box has to fit in with your decor…right?!


Then I thought how cool it would be to have a nice piece of decor in my bathroom that would hold tissues! I would never have to worry about finding a tissue box that fit in with my bathroom again. And we are also talking about saving precious life minutes here. No more wasting time in the tissue aisle!

So, I made a super cute Mason jar tissue holder. It looks great and will always work in my bathroom. And if I change my decor, I can just make a new one!

Raise your hand if you think cardboard tissue boxes are super stylish and awesome. No? Me neither.  I have to hand it to the tissue companies though, they do try to make their boxes cute but they can’t please every one.  With allergy season ramping up and those dumb colds making the rounds any time of the year, it seems like we are always in need of a box of tissues in every room and within arm’s length.  So let’s make them into something that we love!  A mason jar is just what we need for this hack so grab one and read on!

The beauty of the good ole mason jar is that you can paint it, tint it, spray it, etc. to make it any style you’d like it to be.  And with the addition of any style of scrapbook paper you can customize it even more!  Add some tissues and you’ll never have to go far for a tissue again.

And these Perfect Fit Kleenex brand tissues are called that because they are, literally, the perfect fit for a mason jar! Since they are already made to fit in this cylinder shaped container, they easily fit into a mason jar.

I’m guessing there are other tissues that would work as well but these were the two that I found worked the best for this DIY mason jar project.

Watch how Alma Lopez makes this darling mason jar kleenex holder in her step by step tutorial so you can make one of these crafty tissue holders yourself!

DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder

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