Learn How to Make A Scented Mason Jar Candle

Learn How to Make A Scented Mason Jar Candle | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Have you been wanting to learn how to make candles and are intimidated by it?  Well, here’s a really simple way to make your own heavenly smelling candles in no time at all!  One of my favorite things to have in my home are candles.  It is a necessity for my home to always smell good, so I make lots of candles.  People are always commenting on how good my home smells.  You can go crazy with all the different essential oils that are on the market today.  I know I did!  I usually have a bunch made up to give as gifts.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a good smelling candle…men love them too!  I gave some candles to men for Christmas and I picked out some oils that have a more masculine smell.  Although one of my male friends love the candles I make with the Pink Sugar scent, so you never know!  Another tip is to buy soy candle wax because it burns longer and cleaner.  There are many reasons to use soy wax.  Just google soy wax and you can read why.  Are you ready to get started on making candles? Just follow the easy instructions below.


How to Make A Mason Jar Candle

You Will Need:

Wax pellets

Wax dye

Long Wick

Mason Jar


Essential Oils

Tacky Glue


Wooden Spoon

Heating Pot

Paper Towels

Measuring Cup

Fill the jar to the top with wax pellets, pour the measured pellets into the pot, fill the jar again, but slightly below the top, pour into pot, clean the jar with soapy water and dry with a tea towel, add a very small amount of wax dye, set your stove to a low heat, apply a little glue to the bottom of your wick and place in the bottom center of the jar, use the peg to hold the wick in place, add a small amount of essential oil to the wax, carefully pour the wax into the jar just below the rim, and leave to dry over night.  Use a kitchen towel to clean the pot before the wax hardens.  Once the wax hardens, clicp the wick and trim it to approx. 2 cm.

Watch this simple step by step tutorial and you can make your own wonderful candles!

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