DIY Levis Fanny Pack

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Fanny packs are back! Not only are they completely functional (so perfect for traveling), they are really cute too, and you can make your own DIY fanny packs pretty affordably as well! I love anything denim, so when I saw this fanny pack made from a cheap Dollar Tree fanny pack and a pair of old jeans, I knew I had to make it. All you need for this project are a cheap fanny pack, I got mine from Goodwill, one can of gold spray paint, E 6000 glue or Fabri Tac, scissors, and an old pair of Levis Jeans.


Using your old fanny pack,  measure your old fanny pack and cut out the corresponding denim pieces to fit over the outside surfaces.

Fanny Pack Draw 3

Then spray paint your old fanny pack gold.

Fanny Pack Gold 4

Now glue down all your denim pieces.

Fanny Pack 6

This project was so fun and useful for my life. I had been going to the High School Football Games in our town and as I stood up one time to cheer my team on, I accidentally kicked my purse down the gap in the bleachers. I was so upset, I had to get over all the people in the crowd to make my long descent downward, as I like to sit way at the top. So I got down to where the purse landed and a good samaritan had found the purse and taken it to the concession stand. I got to the concession stand and another good samaritan had taken the purse to the office, when I got there the office was locked and the person with the keys had gone home and I couldn’t get my purse until the following Monday! Yes, my house keys and my car keys were in the purse! I had to get my niece to pick me up and take me to my Mom’s to spend the next two days! Lesson learned are like bridges burned, it pays to wear a fanny pack! I will never go through that again.


DIY Levis Fanny Pack

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