She Makes The Ultimate Hollywood Vanity With All The Lights (Easy And Affordable!)

She Makes The Ultimate Hollywood Vanity With All The Lights (Easy And Affordable!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Fabulous, right? For only $399 it could be yours! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of spare cash sitting around for a vanity mirror. It occurred to me that there really wasn’t a reason I couldn’t just DIY myself a similar version of this lit mirror!


Most of us women always dreamed a vanity lit up with hollywood lights and here’s the perfect DIY to do just that! I know, it looks expensive, but, guess what? It’s not and that’s what makes this even cooler!

These lighted mirrors range from $300 up to over $500, so this is what convinced me to make one myself! I think every girl would love any version of this Hollywood vanity mirror. I’ve seen many tutorials on how to connect a store-bought piece to a plug point. But I just could not seem to find a tutorial showing you exactly how to make your own from scratch –with pictures. I needed to SEE what you meant. Well, can you imagine my excitement when I found this DIY tutorial that actually shows you how to make one of these?!

Especially fetching is the lighting around the vanity mirror, which gives an impression of old Hollywood.  So, if you’re wanting one of these for yourself or looking for some DIY projects for your teen’s bedroom this will certainly spruce up your teenage daughter’s bedroom and/or bathroom. You’ll definitely be her hero if you make one of these for her! Every little girl’s dream!

Watch Makeup At Midnight’s step by step tutorial so you can glamorize your vanity mirror Hollywood style!



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