She Makes A Stunning Holiday Centerpiece And She Bought The Supplies At The Dollar Store!

She Makes A Stunning Holiday Centerpiece And She Bought The Supplies At The Dollar Store! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

What an elegant centerpiece for the holidays and the coolest thing about this centerpiece is that you can buy your supplies at the Dollar Store…nobody will ever know the difference!

With Christmas time and celebrations getting closer it’s a great time to plan the preparations. Since it’s early to get started on Christmas decorations you’ll have time to plan your holiday centerpieces. It’s a fun and creative activity that gives you an opportunity to include the entire family.


The holidays are the ideal time to have fun and to participate in creative activities. The preparations include baking, cooking and making candies. However, this holiday centerpiece is also a fun activity. A magical feeling is felt when you have kids to join in on the creativity. They always love being included in these activities.

Christmas Centerpieces should reflect the Christmas spirit. When decorating consider other facts than just the viewing factor or the appealing look fact. Consider centerpieces that have items awakening the senses of smell and taste with fragrance
Make your own decorations it’s a good idea to start early.

Begin collecting items for decorations from nature such as pine cones, cranberries, nuts and other typical items to be appropriately used at Christmas time for decorations. The advantage is that they are easily available and can be collected early… you have time to dry them and prepare it as ornaments for the Christmas festivities. You can also use dried spices and fruits in your Christmas decor. In fact, dried citrus fruits spread holiday spirit and natural aroma in your home.

Choose classic options, including things of religious value and make your centerpiece beautiful with candles and ball ornaments. This makes a beautiful combination as the ball ornaments appear shiny and bright in the candle light. Also think about adding in a few evergreens and sprinkling glitter to make the most beautiful holiday centerpiece decoration.

Watch how Your House a Home does this great centerpiece in their step by step tutorial so you can be prepared and get ahead of the game!

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