$20 DIY Greenhouse With Fold-up Walls

$20 DIY Greenhouse With Fold-up Walls

$20 DIY Greenhouse With Fold-up Walls | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by lifefixx via YouTube


Greenhouses can be expensive to make, but it can also be inexpensive. This $20 DIY greenhouse by lifefixx on YouTube has fold-up walls all around. I think it’s impressive to make your own greenhouse for under $20 because if you have a garden, it’s so convenient in the wintertime. I need to make this greenhouse because my mom has a garden that is still thriving, but the temperatures are dropping. There are no exact measurements for this DIY, but the video is designed to show the general idea of this design. So, build your own greenhouse to the dimensions of your garden. This can be a fun project to do with your family or friend.



  • staple gun
  • staples
  • knife with a sharp blade.
  •  circular saw
  • a drill, an impact driver
  • wood screws (At least 1.5 inches. In the video used 2-inch screws)
  •  hand saw and a drill or a screwdriver. But power tools make life easier.

Optional tools: 

  • spirit level
  • speed square
  • pencil
  • carpenters belt

For Greenhouse:

  • 4  8 foot 2x2s. And 4 8 foot 2×1’s (For the frame)
  • A roll of Polyethylene (Poly) or greenhouse plastic (For the walls)


First, take your wood and measure out how big you would like your greenhouse. Make sure to follow along with lifefixx tutorial on YouTube for the design and for the full instructions and details.

How To Make $20 Greenhouse - Easy Outdoor Hacks - Greenhouse Ideas
Image by lifefixx via YouTube

Next, staple the Poly or greenhouse plastic all around the frame for the fold-up walls.

Tips and Hacks for Cheap DIY Greenhouse - Garden Hacks
Image by lifefixx via YouTube

Overall, this is a super cheap and functional greenhouse with fold up walls for your garden. Also note, if you’re using Poly, it would not be a good material for a long-term greenhouse. It’s cheap and works for temporary usage for the season. However, greenhouse plastic would last longer if you’re looking to keep the greenhouse year-round.

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