DIY Framed Pressed Flowers

DIY Framed Pressed Flowers | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit:Tamuna Lortkipanidze on Youtube


Sometimes, even if we have a garden, we also want some semblance of it in our living rooms. There are flowers that are ingrained in our memories as something associated with wonderful experiences you want to freeze as keepsakes. Maybe you can try making framed pressed flowers this time. It’s a really meditative and fun art project. Check out this tutorial by Tamuna Lortkipanidze on Youtube. It’s a straightforward process and seemingly simple. But you will be amazed at the results.



  • Frames
  • Flowers
  • binder clip
  • utility knife
  • Tweezers
  • magazines or books 
  • paper


Start by removing the glass from the frames. Set them aside.

diy framed pressed flowers materials
Image credit: Tamuna Lortkipanidze on Youtube

Then take out one magazine and open it to a random page. Put a white sheet on top of the page. Take your chosen flowers. Sometimes it’s good to choose flowers that are memorable for you. Put the flowers on the white paper. Choose another flower and put it on the paper. Choose other colorful flowers so they will function as a contrast to the white ones. Make sure you arrange them so that they look aesthetically pleasing. Remember, you are preserving the memory of these flowers.

Get another white paper and place it on top of the flowers. Press the paper to cover the flowers fully. Then close the magazine and press the cover. Repeat the process with other flowers using other magazines.

Pile the magazines on top of each other and wait for a week.

After a week, open the magazines and carefully take out the pressed flowers with tweezers. Put them all on 3 white sheets of paper.

On a board, cut the stems of the pressed leaves with a utility knife and then arrange the leaves with the flowers.

With tweezers, remove the flowers from the papers and arrange them on top of the glass from the frames. You don’t need glue for this. Once you have beautifully arranged the flowers and leaves on the glass, You take out the other glass and put it together. Then you put them inside the frames. Make sure the glass is fitted correctly. Then put the binder clips on the edges of the frame to seal it.

steps to make a framed pressed flower
Image credit: Tamuna Lortkipanidze on Youtube

Repeat this process for the other remaining frames that you have. Be creative in your designs. This is the part when you can really experiment with what you like.

DIY Framed Pressed Flowers

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