Foundation Tips That Could Help Aging Skin Look Younger

Foundation Tips That Could Help Aging Skin Look Younger | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I think most of us who are starting to show our age want to know any tips that will make us look younger…right? Want to learn how to use highlighting makeup tricks to look younger? With just the right highlighting tools and products, you can look younger in minutes.


Foundation is irrefutably the most powerful tool in your makeup bag…no other everyday product has the power to change your face in such a transformative way. Unfortunately, finding the right foundation for your skin type (and then applying it correctly) can be incredibly tricky – and for mature women, this process can be maddening.

A quote from Citizens of Beauty  says:” When I am doing makeup on a client that needs highlighting makeup tricks to look younger, I don’t do all that much contouring at all. As we age, our skin loses elasticity which can cause sunken cheekbones, sagging, plus fine lines and wrinkles; adding a skin lifting makeup effect vs. contouring is essential. In general, though, my goal as a makeup artist is to bring more light to the skin and to off-set those areas of the face that are gathering more darkness. These areas of the face that we see more sagging and loss of elasticity are typically the nasal labial folds (by the nose), around the mouth, the “11’s” in-between the brows, crows feet and jowls.”

Stephanie Lange shows us, in her step by step tutorial, how to use foundation and highlighting to make this woman look years younger, so watch what she does!

Foundation Tips That Could Help With Aging Skin





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