DIY Folded Flower Placemat

DIY Folded Flower Placemat | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Thuy crafts via Youtube


I am so in love with this beautiful placemat. I first saw this in the store and thought the pattern would look good on my dining table. So, I made it using the fabrics I had at home. It turned out gorgeous, thanks to Thuy crafts on Youtube! Read on or watch the video below to learn how to make this DIY folded flower placemat.



  • paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • solid fabric
  • printed fabric



Step 1:

Draw a 5.9 inches diameter circle on a piece of paper and cut it.

Step 2:

Use the pattern to make 7 pieces each of solid and printed circles with a 3/4 inch allowance.

Step 3:

Get one solid and one printed circle and place them right sides together. Place the pattern on top and trace. Sew on the line but leave an inch opening. Repeat for the remaining circles. Once done, trim off the excess fabrics just before the sewn line except for the opening part.


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Step 4:

Flip them right side out and hand-sew the opening. Press each with an iron.

Step 5:

Fold the pattern in half then cut. Get the half circle, measure 2.36 inches from the corner to the curved side, and mark it. Connect that point to the other corner on the bottom, then fold the paper. After that, trace the diagonal edge and fold the small curved part. Now you have a pizza-slice shape pattern.

Step 6:

Fold the circle fabrics in half and mark the midpoints. Place the pattern aligned on the straight edge and trace the diagonal. Do the same for the other pieces.

Fabric Folded Flower Placemat Tutorial
Image by Thuy crafts via Youtube


Step 7:

Get two pieces, place them on top of each other, solid side together, and match the midpoints. Secure them with pins. Sew on the drawn line. Get another one, pin on the midpoints, and sew them together again. Repeat until the last piece and sew the ends together.

Step 8:

Press the flaps open. Connect the petals with pins, fold them, and line the crease. Sew on the drawn lines, then press them open.

Fabric Folded Flower Placemat Project
Image by Thuy crafts via Youtube


DIY Folded Flower Placemat

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