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Image credit: Ayesha Masoodi on Youtube


If your house or apartment has some minimal earthy tones in its interior design, it would be nice to use ceramic vases as decor. Sometimes, though, ceramic vases are just too expensive. You can make your own if you know how. But most of the time, people have to go to a ceramic pottery class to learn how to mold those perfectly shaped pots. But don’t fret. Ayesha Masoodi on Youtube shows how to make fake ceramic vases out of glass ones or even plastic transparent ones. These vases can actually be bought from the dollar store for just a few bucks. And the paint samples are just $5 each if you get them from Home Depot. So you only need a few materials from your house and one day to make some of the cutest earthy toned fake ceramic vases at home.



  • 4 vases ($3 each from the dollar store)
  • Paint samples ($5 each from Home Depot)
  • For this purpose, the paint samples used are tribal pottery, aged beige, mesa taupe, and terracota)
  • Baking soda (for each paint sample)
  • a little plate
  • paint brush


Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a good amount of paint. You can start with the triable pottery sample. When you keep mixing the baking soda with the paint, the consistency will become more thick and clay like. Add more baking soda if you don’t feel that the consistency is enough.

materials for making fake ceramic vases
Image credit: Ayesha Masoodi on Youtube

Put a generous amount of paint on one of the vases. Paint two coats to make sure the vase is covered thoroughly. Set it aside to dry up.

Then continue with the other colors. You can mix baking soda with the aged beige sample paint. Keep mixing until you find the right consistency. Then paint layers on one of the vases. Let it dry once you’re done painting.

Repeat this process with the other remaining vases. And let them all dry.

Note: The more baking soda you mix with the paint, the more it will give you that fake ceramic look.

how to make faux ceramic vases
Image credit: Ayesha Masoodi on Youtube

So, once the painted vases are all dry, you will now see how they look like ceramic vases. It is a very interesting sight. The Youtube tutorial recommends that you choose the terracota and mesa taupe paints if you want to get that earthy ceramic tone that would match your living space. Otherwise, it’s really up to you which paint color to use. Make sure to display your new fake ceramic vases in your living room for other people to see.

DIY Tiktok Faux Ceramic Vases

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