DIY Fall Leaves Wine Bottles

DIY Fall Leaves Wine Bottles | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Mindless Crafting via YouTube


This DIY fall leaves wine bottle by Mindless Crafting on YouTube is beautifully done and a great way to reuse old wine bottles. I love this method, and it’s one of the easiest ones I’ve seen so far. I love how the napkin already has the leaves design, and you can use this tutorial for other seasons as well. It saves a lot of time to buy napkins with designs on it because I’ve seen other tutorials that buy tissue paper and leaves separately. This would be a cool gift to give someone and I would add pampas in this bottle because it would give a nice Fall vase to put around my dining table. Also, it would be a good arts and crafts project to host for the girls after drinking a bottle of wine each.



  • Wine Bottle
  • Napkins (any design)
  • Mod Podge
  • Jute Twine (any color)
  • Foam Brush


First, open the napkin and lay it down on its backside. Line up the bottle right at the edge of the napkin, and paint the Mod Podge onto the wine bottle. Work in sections and continue to paint while rolling the bottle to the napkin onto the bottle.

Use Mod Podge To Make Fall Leaves Wine Bottles - Repurpose Crafts - DIY Mod Podge Wine Bottles
Image by Mindless Crafting via YouTube

Next, continue to watch Mindless Crafting tutorial on YouTube for the full instructions and details. Wrap twine to the neck of the wine bottle to add different textures to the craft.

How To Make Fall Leaves Wine Bottles - Easy Wine Bottle Crafts
Image by Mindless Crafting via YouTube

Overall, this is a simple project to upcycle those old wine bottles that you may have lying around your house. I love wine bottle crafts because there are so many ways to reuse the bottles. Even if you decide to not put anything in the bottle, I think it’s a creative and unique idea to just have around in your kitchen or wherever you desire.

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