Cheap DIY Eyelash Extensions

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Professionally done lash extensions can get pricey quickly. Some reach up into the $500 range at times. I have always admired the look of long voluminous lashes, but never had the money to spend on them. When I saw this video by Bronwyn Papineau I knew I had to try it. If it means I can have long lashes with extreme volume for a fraction of the price. I’m sold. These lashes won’t stay on as long as professional lashes, but they also don’t block the growth of your natural lashes. 


Materials Needed For This DY

  • Individual Lash Extensions
  • Lash Glue
  • Lash Extension Tweezers
  • Small Handheld Mirror

Check out Bronwyn Papineau’s YouTube video down below for a detailed materials list.


Step One

Pick up a bundle of lashes and dip just the base into your glue. Pick up the lashes using your lash extension tweezers. Do not use professional permanent lash glue! The fumes from professional lash glue can cause blindness and many other issues if used improperly. Check out the description of the video by Bronwyn Papineau down below to see the exact kind of glue to purchase.

Pick Up DIY Eyelash Extension - DIY Beauty

Image by, Bronwyn Papineau via Youtube video.

Step Two

Using your tweezers and handheld mirror, attach the lash extensions to your eyes. Be sure you are not applying directly to the eye, but rather onto your eyelashes. This step is the most time-consuming.

Apply Eyelash Extension - DIY Beauty

Image by, Bronwyn Papineau via Youtube video.


Step Three

Continue the process in step two alternating lash lengths as you want them. You can also use an eyelash brush to comb through the lashes gently to check that you like the lengths you are using.

After you applied all the lashes, you will want to avoid using any oil bed product on your eyes and avoid getting them wet for 24 hours.

DIY Eyelash Extensions For Fraction Of Professional Price.

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