DIY Easy Outdoor Tire Seats Tutorial

DIY Easy Outdoor Tire Seats Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: BuzzFeed Nifty via Youtube


If you have a lot of spare tires in your storage that’s been there for ages, why not repurpose them into something you’ll be able to use? I found this tire seat tutorial on Youtube not too long ago from BuzzFeed Nifty that is just too pretty not to make! These colorful outdoor seating are perfect on my porch, and every time I host a gathering, my guests always compliment them. It’s super easy to make; I bet you’ll be able to finish yours in less than a day. You don’t even need power equipment for this project; simple materials will do. Make this a weekend project with your family! Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step-by-step instructions.



  • old tire
  • 200 ft. of rope
  • hot glue
  • industrial strength glue
  • 1 – 17″ and 1 – 15″ wooden circle
  • foam of desired thickness
  • outdoor furniture fabric
  • staple gun
  • buttons


Step 1

Wash your tire thoroughly with soap and water and dry it well. Next, wrap the rope to the outer area and hot glue it. Take your time with this, and make sure to cover the entire tire, except the inner top part. After this, cover the open part at the bottom with the 17″ wooden circle board, and secure it in place with heavy-duty glue. Let the glue dry completely for eight hours. Next, lay the fabric down and put the foam on top. Trace the 15″ wooden circle onto the foam, cut it, apply heavy-duty glue on the entire foam, then stick the wooden circle on top.

Wrapping the tire with rope to make it into an outdoor seating
Image credits: BuzzFeed Nifty via Youtube


Step 2

After this, wrap the outdoor fabric on the foam board, and staple gun it around to secure it. Cut the excess fabric. Now, flip it over, tuft the top, and sew buttons (optional). Place it on top of the tire and you are finished! (The space inside could also act as storage.)

Cutting the excess fabric from the foam seat of the DIY tire seating
Image credits: BuzzFeed Nifty via Youtube

DIY Easy Outdoor Tire Seats Tutorial

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