Watch This Brilliant Technique She Uses To Disguise Her Droopy Eyes!

Watch This Brilliant Technique She Uses To Disguise Her Droopy Eyes! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Droopy or downward eyes make you look tired and aged. It shows off the dark circles terribly and your entire face seems life less! So for when you dress up and wish to hide the tiredness, here’s a couple of quick tricks to make your eyes look more radiant, awake and youthful.


If you’ve been battling with droopy eyes this is a great tutorial for you to check out! You won’t believe the difference between her two eyes, after she applies makeup, in a specific way, to one eye…the difference is astonishing!

My cousin just visited me, from Kentucky, and she was complaining about how her eyes are drooping…she said she was gonna have to check into seeing if she could have something surgical done to fix them. Right after she left I ran across this tutorial, so I had to send it to her.

Saggy and droopy eyelids can be annoying. The worst thing is that women don’t know what to do about it. The loose skin looks so unattractive, and women are prevented from applying makeup. Plus, droopy eyes can make one look older. And that’s what a woman doesn’t want to happen. The natural process of aging is the most common explanation for this condition.

In this tutorial she shows you how to apply a darker shade of eye shadow to the eye lid (at the corners, where the drooping is), casting a shadow on the drooping lid, therefore disguising it, and she also suggests an additional option…the winged eye liner.



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