DIY Dollar Tree Sock Gnome for Valentine’s

DIY Dollar Tree Sock Gnome for Valentine’s | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Life of Style Blog via Youtube


Valentine’s is just around the corner; are you still looking for a DIY craft to make for the special day? If yes, you’ll love this DIY sock gnome from Life of Style Blog on YouTube. You will love how quick and easy this DIY is, plus – all the materials are easily available at your local Dollar Tree!


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In this step by step tutorial, Life of Style Blog demonstrates how to make this lovely sock gnome. You don’t even have to sew this, so it’s perfect if you don’t have a sewing background. It’s the perfect gift for your loved ones if you want to make it personalized. Watch the video tutorial below and start making this with your friends or family!


  • socks
  • mop head
  • stuffing beads
  • polyfill
  • rubber band
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • 2 – table tennis ball
  • paint (for the nose)
  • any shape heart (for the feet)


Step 1

To start, fill out the bottom of the sock with stuffing beads to give it a solid base, then fill it all the way to the top with polyfill. Secure the top with a rubber band or hot glue. Next, split the mop in half and cut off one side. After this, bind them together using a rubber band. Once done, apply a good amount of hot glue on top and carefully attach the beard mop to it.

Filling the sock gnome with polyfill
Image credits: Life of Style Blog via Youtube

Step 2

Next, make the nose. Paint one tennis ball with a mix of brown and orange, then let it dry completely. After this, attach it to the gnome with hot glue. Next, grab the other sock and put the other table tennis ball inside. Secure the bottom with a rubber band, then add a small amount of polyfill to keep the hat upright. Now, place the hat on the gnome, making sure the heel portion of the sock is on the back of the gnome. Secure the hat with some hot glue, then give the beard a final trim. Lastly, attach the heart shape from Dollar Tree at the bottom for the feet. Accessorize the gnome with different sizes of hearts for final touches.

Attaching the nose of the DIY sock gnome
Image credits: Life of Style Blog via Youtube

DIY Dollar Tree Sock Gnome for Valentine’s

DIY Dollar Tree Sock Gnome for Valentine's

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