Darling Owl Cake Pop Balls You Can Learn How to Make!

Darling Owl Cake Pop Balls You Can Learn How to Make! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Yummy cake pop balls! Who doesn’t love cake pop balls and who doesn’t love owls?  You can’t lose with this one, guys.  They are always a hit!  I’m a big fan of owls (and cake) so I flipped over these when I saw them.  When I learned how to make these I went crazy, creating all kinds of animals!  These are absolutely delicious and kids LOVE them…not to mention adults!  Kids are have such artistic capabilities that they can make some amazing animals. I’ve taught my kids how to make these and they want to make them all the time.  Even when I don’t want to make them, they just take over the kitchen and I get to eat cake balls when they’re finished!  Can’t beat that!


I took some of these to a baby shower and everyone was so impressed that all they wanted to talk about was how I made these.  I was pretty popular that day!  I got several email addresses because the gals wanted me to send them this video so they could get started making some.

The beginning of this video she teaches you how to make cake pop balls, so you can refer to it when making other cake pop designs.  Enjoy watching this step by step tutorial so you can share your cake pop balls with friends and family!

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