DIY Cute Sleeping Kitten Made From Socks

DIY Cute Sleeping Kitten Made From Socks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Moth Art


I am so in love with this DIY cute sleeping kitten made from socks by Moth Art. It’s so cute and fluffy. Looking at it makes me smile and laugh! Create this little project, I am sure it will be worth it as this will cheer you up on your bad and weary days. Watch the video below for the full instructions on how to make this stuffed kitten.




  • 1 pair of 36-40 size socks (gray)
  • 1 piece of white socks
  • pair of scissors
  • thread
  • small pink fabric
  • pink doll thread
  • filling
  • black thread


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Step 1:

Cut two round strips from the heel to the toe part of the white sock. Next, cut the pair of gray socks on the middle of the heel and toe part.

Step 2:

Flip the white round strips and insert them each on the top area that you cut on the gray socks. Secure them with pins and sew the top edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Pull the wrong side out and the white fabric upwards on each sock. Cut one on the heel part and set it aside. For the other one, cut on the bottom gray part a little bit and hold it on the heel part. Sew just before the curve starts. Once done, cut the curved part of the heel. Fold it in the middle and mark. Sketch these patterns on the socks and sew. Then cut the two legs of the cat from the small one then trim off the excess fabric from the bigger one for the other 2 legs. Flip the right side out.

DIY Cute Sleeping Kitten Made From Socks Tutorial
Image by: Moth Art


Step 3:

Insert filling on the legs. For the body with the legs, secure the leg part with pins. Mark 3 spots on the middle of the white part equally spaced. Make 4 sections for the pads by inserting the needle on one mark and pulling the thread to the back then insert it again on the same mark.

Step 4:

Draw 4 pads for each of the paws on the small pink fabric and cut. Next, sew them in place. Insert filling for the body and stitch all the way around to close.

Step 5:

Take the other part of the gray sock that you did not use earlier. Make a curve on the top and a straight line in the middle then cut the middle. Sew the curved part and trim off the excess. Stitch all the way around on the open end and insert the filling. Pull the thread and close. Take the remaining part of the white sock and make the mouth by cutting an oval fabric and filling it with cotton. Sew it on the head. Once done, draw the face of the kitten and sew with craft thread. Use pink for the nose and black for the eyes and whiskers.

DIY Cute Sleeping Kitten Made From Socks Project
Image by: Moth Art


Step 6:

On the remaining gray and white fabric, create the ears and tail of the cat. Sew the ears on the head of the cat.

Step 7:

Sew the head and legs on the body. Once done, insert filling on the tail and sew on the body.



DIY Cute Sleeping Kitten Made From Socks

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