DIY Cute Pompom Hedgehog Toy

DIY Cute Pompom Hedgehog Toy | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: NataliDoma DIY


Looking for a fun and easy project to do during the weekend? Try this DIY cute pompom hedgehog toy by Natalidoma DIY on youtube. It’s a simple craft you can do with the little ones. You can make tons of this and give it as a gift to everyone as a toy or keychain. This can also work as decorations too! Watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • white yarn
  • dark brown yarn
  • light brown yarn
  • scissors
  • two small black beads and 1 big black bead
  • hot glue


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Step 1:

Cut some white yarn and set it aside. Loop the white yarn around your index finger 80 times, then cut. Gently remove it from your finger, and wrap the piece of yarn around it two times to tighten, then tie a knot.

Step 2:

Get the ends of the dark and light brown yarn and loop them around your index and middle finger 80 times. Once done, cut it and gently remove it from your fingers. Get a piece of the yarn and tightly loop it in the middle two times, then tie a knot to secure it.

Step 3:

Place the white loop on top of the brown loop, then tie it using the ends of the knot. Cut the excess yarns.

Step 4:

Cut the looped white yarn in the middle, then cut it to form a pyramid-like shape. Next, cut the brown yarn in the middle, and cut to form the round shape body of the hedgehog.

DIY Cute Pompom Hedgehog Toy Project
Image by: NataliDoma DIY


Step 5:

Get yarn and fold it into three, then make a knot. Loop the yarn around the knot several times, then secure it with another knot. Cut the excess and make another one. These will be the toes of the hedgehog.

DIY Cute Pompom Hedgehog Toy Materials
Image by: NataliDoma DIY


Step 6:

Glue the toes of the hedgehog in front. Next, glue the nose and eyes. Insert a piece of yarn in the middle using a needle to make the handle.



DIY Cute Pompom Hedgehog Toy

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