Max Out Garden Space With This DIY Statement Piece Planter

Max Out Garden Space With This DIY Statement Piece Planter | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Do you love creative DIY ideas that no one else has seen yet? When it comes to making things, I am definitely not a fan of making the crafts that have been all over Pinterest for years. You know, the kind Michaels and Joann’s are already selling the tacky premade version of? Personally, I prefer the more original ideas, and I just adore this project I just made for my tabletop patio garden.


Have you ever wanted to have a ton of different plants but had no space to put them? Me too, but luckily, I found a solution on YouTube!

Jason Hodges with Better Home & Gardens creates two cheap and easy ideas to hold your extra plants in some classic terra cotta pots! The first is a set of shelves that look perfect hanging on the edge of a back patio, and the second is a rounded planter that can hold over a dozen plants!

My favorite idea of the two is the rounded planter. This is a clever idea for putting multiple plants together, and it looks so neat and original!

In his tutorial, he said that this costs only $30 to make… each small pot costing him just $1.50.  I got lucky and found them on sale and it was even cheaper for me to make!

Love the planter but it doesn’t match your decor? You can add some pizazz to yours by using different colored pots to match your garden, or painting them to make something entirely your own!

With awesome creations like these in my backyard, I feel like I spend all of my free time back there just to take it all in while drinking my tea. My friends always ask me where I got my planter, and when I tell them I made it myself, they never believe me!

This is definitely one of my favorite DIY projects to date, and I definitely plan on making more in the future!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can make your terra cotta pot planter, and make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook so they can make theirs too!

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