DIY Christmas Candlestick Made From Cones

DIY Christmas Candlestick Made From Cones | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Super Idea


Pine cones easily fall to the ground during the fall season. With this creative project by Super Idea on Youtube, you can reuse them and turn them into this beautiful DIY Christmas candlestick decor piece for your home. Isn’t this lovely? If you also have cardboard, sackcloth, and jute cord scraps, you can start making this right away. It’s a simple craft you can do with the kids. You can also give this as a gift to your friend. Learn how to make it through the video tutorial below.



  • cardboard
  • sackcloth
  • jute cord
  • candle
  • small and big cones
  • acrylic paints (2 shades of color and white)
  • silver decorative foam balls
  • hot glue
  • saucer
  • pliers


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Step 1:

Draw two circles on cardboard using a saucer, then cut them. Cut two bigger circles on the sackcloth and cover the two pieces of cardboard. Use hot glue to attach them to the back. After that, glue them together.

Step 2:

Cover the sides in the middle using a jute cord.

DIY Christmas Candlestick Made From Cones Tutorial
Image by Super Idea


Step 3:

Separate some of the small cones. For the remaining cones, remove half of the prickles using pliers, so they will look like flowers.

Step 4:

Paint the halved cones in your preferred color. It’s better to use the same color just in different shades. Next, paint the separated cones with white paint. Once done, let them dry completely.

DIY Christmas Candlestick Made From Cones Project
Image by Super Idea


Step 5:

Place the candle in the middle of the base that you made earlier. Start gluing the cones. Alternate the size of each cone that you will put on the base. Make sure to leave the small ones for the second layer on top. Once done, decorate them with glittered foam balls.



If you like this easy and small decor project, visit and subscribe to Super Idea on Youtube. They have tons of amazing tutorials and creative ideas using scraps. 

DIY Christmas Candlestick Made From Cones

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