Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas? Try this DIY Nightstand…

Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas? Try this DIY Nightstand… | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Wanting to update your bedroom furniture but looking for  some decorating ideas on a budget? You need not spend tons of money on cool bedroom decor. I find much of what I pay for in stores is the time it took someone to make that thing. In the case of decorative decor and furniture, I can really do a better job myself, in many cases, as I will spend the time it takes to add special decorative touches and finishes which take time. Chalk paint furniture is one of my favorite projects right now, as you can update old pieces of furniture and give them both a new finish and some color. So versatile and forgiving, chalk paint even works well on laminate surfaces.


Check out this Youtube video that shows you exactly how to use chalk paint to update an old nightstand. Really beautiful results, and you do not need to be an expert crafter to try this yourself. Add some do it yourself furniture upgrades to your home by following the easy step by step tutorial.


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