CBD Body Butter Recipe

CBD Body Butter Recipe | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

The world is abuzz with the benefits of CBD Oil and I’m starting to see it everywhere and many of my friends are telling me amazing stories of how it changed their lives. This DIY CBD Body Butter Recipe is a rich luxurious body cream that’s infused with goat’s milk, hemp oil, and CBD (cannabidiol). This is a DIY body butter that you can make at home or sell to customers at your own market stand. The ingredients are really simple:



Make CBD Body Butter with Hemp Oil and Shea Butter

Mix all your body butter ingredients in a mixer letting it get to a wedding cake icing consistency (the arrowroot really fluffs it up)

Make CBD Body Butter with CBD Crystalline powder and goats milk

The next step is completely optional, you can add a small amount of Mica powder for color and use a DIY pastry piper with a plastic baggy and a pastry nozzle.

Make DIY beautifying CBD Body Butter for pain relief

This CBD Body Butter looks so amazing and the success stories emerging on the benefits of CBD are ubiquitous. Literally every day I hear about someone else who found great relief from chronic pain. People are also using CBD for its anti-aging properties, I have one friend who combines a CBD Oil treatment with LED Red/ Infrared Light Therapy that was recently discovered by NASA. There are just so many healing modalities and new anti-aging technologies emerging, no one needs to be left behind.

DIY CBD Body Butter Recipe

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