AMAZING Cardboard Tube Lounger You MUST see!

AMAZING Cardboard Tube Lounger You MUST see! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’m in complete awe!  Would you have ever dreamed that you could make anything out of cardboard tubes that would be sturdy enough to support you, and in the air for that matter?  In Spain this project was tested and actually works!  What a conversation piece!  This is a fun way to recycle!  It looks pretty darned comfortable.  Cardboard furniture could eventually put furniture stores out of business!


I’m gonna try this…it looks so easy to make.  I will need to start collecting tubes or find a business that throws these away.  I can see my kids fighting over who gets to relax on this lounger! Although more than one person can sit on this at a time.  I may need to make mine longer!  You wouldn’t want to put one of these outside though!  Although, you could use a sealer to water proof it!

In the video they are working on two projects, using cardboard, so keep watching because they move back and forth to each project.

Watch what they do in this step by step tutorial!

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