She Makes An Adorable Busy Tag Baby Blanket For A Special Baby Gift

She Makes An Adorable Busy Tag Baby Blanket For A Special Baby Gift | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I had never heard of a tag blanket in my life, and in fact, when I first saw one I thought it must be a doll blanket. Tag blankets are small. At about 16” square, they’re too small to be used to fully covered a baby and are covered by little ribbons.


But now that I have a beautiful baby girl, I totally get it. Tag blankets are a fun, portable way for babies to discover textures, colors and feeling with their hands. They’re basically a toy, that doesn’t squeak, squawk or make noise (which is a good thing, if you get my drift!). They’re completely washable and can fit in almost any pocket of any bag. I’m a big fan of tag blankets. And so is my baby. We handed one to her a few weeks ago, and she was immediately fascinated by the various feelings and textures on the blanket.

The “original” tag blanket is sold by a company that holds the patent on the design, and, let me tell you, they ain’t cheap. For what amounts to about $2 worth of materials, they can run upwards of $35! Because of the patent and copyright, there is supposed to be no selling of off-brand tag-style blankets on the market, but I thought I might share a quick tutorial for how to make one for other frugal parents out there.

You can make one of baby’s most popular accessories! Fleece Fun will talk you through how to make one of these cute blankets using cuddle fabric (minky) ribbon and few other materials.

Watch how she makes this darling blanket in her step by step tutorial and get busy sewing one!

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