Watch What She Does After She Glues The Crystals On This Candle Holder (Exquisite!)

Watch What She Does After She Glues The Crystals On This Candle Holder (Exquisite!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This actually looks like a crystal ball and it’s absolutely stunning! These are so beautiful as a centerpiece for your dining table. And, these are perfect for the reception table at a wedding… or even at the alter!

Three of these on Etsy costs $65 when you can make them on the cheap, yet they look expensive and chic. I’m always amazed at the fabulous DIY projects available to us!


I’m just a country girl from rural Kentucky. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t enjoy the “finer things” in life. Of course, sometimes those “finer things” can be a bit expensive…and I’m also a girl of limited means. Many times, though, I find that adding even the simplest things to everyday life can be most fulfilling.

So it is with any of the gorgeous crystal candle holders. A simple and inexpensive addition that will instantly turn your supper table to a dining table for all to enjoy (even when it’s only family!).

It is not only for showpiece to exquisite craft, but also worthy to be furnished as stylish centerpieces on the wedding, party, church, dance, dinner etc. Sparkling crystal beads creates magnificent shadows when lit with a tea light. Wonderful candles shine out a glittering appearance, which show good taste along with a nice romantic touch.

Crystal candle holders will add elegance and grace to any dinner table!

Watch how Beverly, with Beverly’s Design Time, makes these in her step by step tutorial.





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