DIY Baguette Bag Made From Old Jeans

DIY Baguette Bag Made From Old Jeans | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: ellyantics via Youtube


There’s no better way to upcycle your old pair of jeans than turning it into something fashionable too – like this DIY baguette bag from ellyantics on Youtube! This baguette bag is so cute that you would always use it outside. This sewing project is also beginner-friendly, perfect for beginners who are still learning the sewing jargon. Start learning this by following the video tutorial below.



  • some paper (for the template) and pencil
  • old pair of jeans
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • pins
  • pen
  • zipper


Step 1

Grab a paper and pencil and draw a rectangle with a measurement of 10 inches x 6 inches. On one side of the rectangle, sketch the shape of the baguette bag, then fold it in half (make sure to leave about 2 cm for the allowance) and cut along the lines. Make sure to tidy up the edges. Next, sketch the dip at the top of the bag, fold it in half again, and cut it. Fold the template in half, and measure it from the top corner all around the edge to the middle point using a tape measure. Make a template out of this measurement that measures a 12-inch x 3-inch rectangle. (This will be used as a guide for the strip of fabric underneath the bag.) Make a template in a trapezium shape. Marked the halfway point through the rectangle part (of the trapezium) which measured 6 inches, then drew a line up which would be 3 inches in line. Leave a 1-inch gap outside the trapezium. Cut the template around, leaving around a 2 cm seam allowance around the edge. This is now the template for half of the bottom of the bag.

The template for the DIY baguette bag.
Image credits: ellyantics via Youtube


Step 2

Grab an old pair of jeans then put the bag’s template on and cut off the part that is needed. Flip the denim to its wrong side, then trace out the template using a pen on both sides of the jeans. After this, cut out the two halves of the bag. Next, grab some more denim fabric and cut out two pieces of the long trapezium shape template.

Step 3

Grab the 2 longer pieces of the bag, then pin the thicker side. Sew along the line where the pin is. Cut out 2 small squares of denim fabric, then pin them to the zipper. Sew along the line where the pin is. Next, put the zip upside down on top of the denim and pin it. Sew along the zipper and repeat the process on the other side. Turn the bag inside out, then attach the bottom part of the bag to one of the sides by pinning it. Sew all around the edges of the bag. Repeat the process to the other side. (Make sure to leave a gap between the end of the zipper and the fabric for the bag handle to fit through.) Make the strap using the hem of the jeans. Put it through the gap, making sure the strap is facing the right way, then sew it.

Putting the finishing touches on the baguette bag
Image credits: ellyantics via Youtube

DIY Baguette Bag Made From Old Jeans

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