DIY Backyard Fire Pit Tutorial

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: @thenavagepatch via TikTok


Are you planning to update your backyard? How about adding a fire pit with this video tutorial from @thenavagepatch on TikTok? I absolutely love how his backyard turned out, with those fairy lights making the mood cozy. And for the fire pit, you won’t need a lot of materials for this, and it’s super easy to build. Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions.



  • bricks
  • landscape adhesive
  • black steel ring


TikTok user @thenavagepatch started the project by determining how large and high he wanted the fire pit to be. Once he determined it, he then proceeded to flat down the area where he would build the fire pit. After this, he started layering the bricks and attaching them to one another with concrete adhesive. (In his case, he did four layers of bricks, but you can have as many layers as befitting your needs.)

To finish off the fire pit, he then placed a black steel ring on top.

But the backyard update doesn’t finish on that note because @thenavagepatch also added some string lights to make his backyard an oasis! You should definitely check out the video above because it looks so good during the night! I love his idea of adding some string lights because it definitely adds some mood and makes his backyard a cozy place. Thanks @thenavagepatch for this fantastic DIY tutorial!

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Tutorial

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