She Shows Us How To Achieve The Adele Classic Glam Look (Watch!)

She Shows Us How To Achieve The Adele Classic Glam Look (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Most of us gals want to know how to achieve that perfect movie star makeup look and Nikkie Tutorials shows us how to achieve the look Adele had at the 2016 Brit Awards. This is a great tutorial for getting Adele’s signature cat eye look!


Adele always looks flawless. The soft blend of her face makeup is the perfect complement to her bold lips, and her dramatic winged eyeliner has pretty much become iconic. But she didn’t get there alone. The man behind the magic is makeup artist Michael Ashton, who spent a lot of time working with the singer to develop a look that captured her essence: powerful yet gentle, loud yet soft.

There’s no doubt Adele is stunning. She has a signature bold cat eye and dewy skin and is able to effortlessly pull off the no makeup look. So if you’ve been watching her “Hello” video, like most of us, then you’ve probably also noticed her makeup looks pretty darned good. And it’s not hard to re-create at all. In just seven minutes

This is a great look for those special occasions that you want to look your best. Of course we wouldn’t want to do this for every day…or you may, but it comes in handy when you want to dress up and wow that special person in your life! Also, I find it to be fun to just dabble in different makeup looks, when I’ve got some free time for playing.

YouTube blogger Nikki Tutorials, shares how to achieve the ’60s look from the video, and the results are stunning. Grab your black eyeliner. Get ready to copy Adele’s gorgeous style by watching this step by step tutorial.




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