Old Jeans and Rags Make For A No Cost Quilt

Old Jeans and Rags Make For A No Cost Quilt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Whatever you do, don’t ever throw out your jeans! There are just way too many DIY projects just waiting to be made with them!

One of the great projects to do with old jeans is a denim rag quilt (featured in this post). For one thing they are nice and heavy for cold weather. I know when I get cold not just any blanket will keep me warm, but my denim quilt does the job! These are also nice to throw over your sofa so the dogs don’t run it.


One year my Mother made these for all of the grandchildren and she used red bandana fabric on the back side. She sewed a loving message on all of them, along with the date. Her quilts are so sweet. She’s made many quilts and on some of those she traced the grandchildren’s hands and embroidered around them. This is a small gesture that has left a lot of precious memories.

I love the way these quilts look after they’ve been washed a few times. The raw edges, that were intentionally left exposed, fray and add so much charm to them.

The quilt that my Mother made for my daughter has a lot of my old jeans in it…jeans I wore as a teenager and it sure takes me down memory lane when I see it. It’s hard to describe the feelings I get when I see it. These are sentimental quilts, without a doubt!

Watch how Whitney makes this wonderful denim rag quilt in her step by step tutorial.

Denim Jeans Quilt Sewing Tutorial


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