Dandelion Cotton Swabs Painting Technique

Dandelion Cotton Swabs Painting Technique | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: theartsherpa via YouTube


If you’re a beginner in painting, then you should definitely give this technique a try. Learn how to paint dandelions easily using a few cotton swabs as taught by theartsherpa on YouTube. Read the full instructions below and watch the video tutorial as well.



  • Cadmium yellow paint
  • Mars black paint
  • Phthalo blue paint
  • Phthalo green paint
  • Titanium white paint
  • 9×12 Canvas board
  • Water cup
  • Flat paintbrush
  • Round paintbrush
  • Cotton swabs


Step 1

Using a flat paintbrush, paint a curved yellow stroke on the canvas about an inch above the bottom edge, take a little of your blue mix it with white, then brush a bit above the wet yellow, then blend them together. Use a darker blue as you go up the canvas for the skies. Rinse the brush off and take off the extra water, mix yellow with a bit of green, then lightly brush it below the yellow paint for the grass. Switch to a round paintbrush and mix a bit of blue and green, then make grass lines in an upward stroke, wash it then wipe if needed, mix your green with some yellow and a bit of white, then make another layer of grass.

How To Paint Dandelions Using Cotton Swabs
Image Credit: theartsherpa via YouTube


Step 2

Let the background paint dry for a bit. Then, take the round paintbrush again and mix blue and green, curve a couple of stems for the dandelions, mix green with yellow and make small football shapes on top of the stem without it touching the tip of the stem, mix a bit black and shade the bottom of the bud. Tie a couple of cotton buds with a rubber band, dab it in white paint, then dab it down onto the canvas around the bud in a half-circle manner, then for the other stem, make a full puffy circle, dab a few petals floating away in the wind on the half circle and you’re done.

Easy Painting Technique For Beginners
Image Credit: theartsherpa via YouTube


*All these images are credited to theartsherpa via YouTube. Give her channel a visit and subscribe for more!

Dandelion Cotton Swabs Painting Technique

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