Cute DIY Doll Pots From Water Bottles

Cute DIY Doll Pots From Water Bottles | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Are you looking for some new pots for your house plants? Here’s a super adorable way to make your own out of recycled bottles. This DIY by, Arush diy craft Ideas is absolutely the cutest recycled DIY I’ve seen. I have made them in several sizes too. If you use two-liter bottles you can make them into much larger people pots to hold the bigger house plants. They are a perfect addition to any window and can be painted in any color scheme you like.


Materials Needed For This DIY:

  • Water Bottle
  • Plastic Cup
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Dry Wall Putty
  • Water


Step One

Cut the top section of your water bottle off, the section with the lid.

Step Two

Trace the outline of your water bottle lid onto a plastic cup. You will then cut out the circle and place the top section of the water bottle into the hole.

DIY People Pots - House Plants

Image by. Arush diy craft Ideas via YouTube video.

Step Three

Remove the cap from the water bottle lid and glue the top of the bottle and the plastic cup together using hot glue. Once glued, screw the lid back on.

Step Four

Pour some wall putty into a bowl. Slowly add water into the bowl until you get a clay or dough-like consistency.

Step Five

Once you have a dough-like consistency, roll the dough out and begin wrapping it around the cup and water bottle.

Step Six

If you want more details on the face and body of the pot, you can roll out arms, legs, hair and other parts.

Paint DIY People Planters - Houseplants

Image by. Arush diy craft Ideas via YouTube video.

Step Seven

Once the putty is dry, you can begin painting and decorating the pot however you’d like. After the pot dries, add your plants in and you’re done.

DIY Doll Pots From Water Bottles

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