Crockpot Deep Dish Pizza With Pop Tube Dough

Crockpot Deep Dish Pizza With Pop Tube Dough | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I have thought about making just about everything under the Sun in my crockpot, but I never in my wildest imagination thought I would be making pizza in a crockpot! Yes not just any pizza, but a succulent deep dish pizza and I was going to use pop dough! I just love the iconic little Pop-N-Fresh Pilsbury Dough Boy, when he lept out of the can and onto the counter and the lady pokes his little tummy and he giggles so sweetly! Yes, those were the days my friends, and I was going to let my little buddy Pop-N-Fresh take over my crockpot today, I was so excited! I started this wonderful pizza adventure by freeing my cute little buddy from his biscuit can.


Learn to make this crockpot pizza recipe using pop biscuit dough

Then I lined the bottom of my crockpot with some cooking spray and a plus-shaped criss-cross of parchment paper then I rolled out my dough with a sprinkling of cornmeal and flour then trimmed the dough and laid the dough in the bottom of the crockpot coming up the sides. Then add tomato sauce and pepperoni.

Learn to make this crockpot pizza recipe using pop biscuit dough

Then just placed the lid on and added and cooked it for about an hour and removed the lid and wiped off excess moisture then cooked for an additional 30 minutes. I carefully lifted the deep dish pizza out with the parchment criss-cross I made then moved the delicious looking pizza to the cutting board. Deeeeeelicious!

Try making this crockpot deep dish pepperoni pizza with pop biscuits

I was so knocked out by the simplicity of the deep dish crockpot pizza, the flavor was amazing and most of all, I got to bask in the memories of the adorable iconic Pop-N-Fresh. Thanks for the memories Pop-N-Fresh, I won’t ever forget you!


  • One Can Biscuit or Pizza Dough
  • One Jar Of Spaghetti Sauce or Homemade
  • Pepperoni or Meat of Choice
  • Whatever Else You Can Think Of


Pop dough open, roll out, grease the crockpot, make a T criss-cross with wax or parchment paper, put the dough in the crockpot, layer tomato sauce, layer meat, cook for an hour on hi, wipe moisture from inside of the lid. Then cook for 30 more minutes until crispy.


Crockpot Deep Dish Pizza With Pop Dough




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