11 Cleaning Hacks from Professional Cleaners

11 Cleaning Hacks from Professional Cleaners | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Cleaning is something that needs to be taken seriously because good hygiene and a clean house could benefit you more than you know. Currently, we all are facing events that require us, even more, to keep living in a germ and bacteria-free environment as much as possible. However, tasks such as this are easier said than done especially if you don’t have a proper routine to help you. These tips and hacks are shared with us by professional cleaners who were trusted experts in this field. Thanks to But First, Coffee on YouTube for compiling the best professional tips and making it easier for us to learn.



Tip #1

Don’t neglect the little things. We sometimes clean everything but forget the important details, tools, and corners. For example, the toothbrushes and toothpaste dispensers, these little tools contain a great number of bacteria and need frequent cleaning to ensure healthy hygiene. So the next time you’re cleaning, make sure you don’t forget these little things.

Tip #2

Use an oven liner. Using oven liners could lessen your cleaning time, all you have to do is place it inside the oven, remove once dirty, clean it, and put it back. This material is also dishwasher safe so you can reuse this a lot of times. One more advantage of using this is that it can prolong the usability and lifetime of your oven.


Tip #3

Skip mopping. Most experts and professionals advise staying away from mopping because it doesn’t get the job done. This only spreads the dirt even more and can’t clean on narrow areas or even corners thoroughly. Instead, you should start using a steam cleaner as it cleans grimes and dirt easily. It also leaves no residue and the steam helps sanitize the floor.

Tip #4

Clean windows with cornstarch. They suggest a mixture of a teaspoon of cornstarch to a cup of vinegar and a cup of water. Cornstarch serves as a fine abrasive to bust and remove grimes on surfaces. It is also best to use on windows or any glass surface as it usually leaves no streaks behind.

Tip #5

Tackle simple tasks frequently. Do not procrastinate on cleaning but instead, do it regularly and often. Try to keep washing the dishes after every meal, taking the trash often instead of letting it pile up, sweep each night instead of every week. Tackle small tasks often instead of doing them all at once.

Tip #6

Use cleaning checklists. To not neglect simple tasks or little things as discussed above, create a checklist and jot down every single area and tools that need to be cleaned. This method can ensure that you leave no surface and no corner untouched.

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Image Credit: But First, Coffee via YouTube

Tip #7

Work from top to bottom. One problem that you’ll face when you clean the floors first is that you’ll do that repeatedly. Whenever you clean shelves and other high places, the dirt and dust you remove there will all fall on the floor. That’s why you might want to consider cleaning everything from the top first then leaving your floors to last.

Tip #8

Schedule cleaning into your week. Don’t squeeze cleaning into your schedule but instead make it a must and a responsibility that you have to do in a week. This will also make tasks easier to tackle, schedule specific areas or tasks into specific days or times so that you don’t forget a single area.

Tip #9

Have a cleaning caddy. Put everything that you need in a caddy instead of storing your cleaning supplies on shelves. This is much easier because you can take this anywhere you’re cleaning. You can just grab your supplies and immediately get to work.

Tip #10

Simplify your supplies. Instead of storing and buying a lot of cleaning supplies, choose materials that suit what you need. Avoid keeping different special cleaning materials for special areas and instead settle on multi-purpose or multi-surface cleaners.

Tip #11

Invest in your tools. Find the right tools that get the job done and make sure you look for the best deals that also give the best results. Investing in your tools can save you more effort, time, and money than you would spend on constantly cleaning residues.

Easy and effective cleaning hacks
Image Credit: But First, Coffee via YouTube


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11 Cleaning Hacks from Professional Cleaners

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