How to Make a Christmas Wreath Appetizer

How to Make a Christmas Wreath Appetizer | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Cooking with Jack Show on Youtube


It’s the days before Christmas! All are in a hustle, gracefully panicking to make the right combination of recipes for the most critical part of the evening, the Christmas table. I understand the pressure to have everything perfect because the Christmas table brings the family together.To make it easy, I’m sharing with you the Christmas wreath appetizer I discovered on YouTube. It’s super simple to make and has the best on-the-counter ingredients to be found. Let’s all credit the Cooking With Jack Show for saving us with the perfect appetizer.



  • 30 wood skewers.
  • 30 balls of baby mozzarella
  • 30 basil leaves.
  • ten to fifteen cherry tomatoes
  • 30 slices of peppered salami (or regular salami)
  • 10 whole artichoke hearts, halved
  • 20 large green olives, pitted (you can get them flavored if you’d like).
  • 30 large black olives or large kalamata olives.
  • 10 cherry peppers, halved
  • For the garnish,  fresh rosemary sprigs
  • 8-inch round plate
  • A 10-inch round plate
  • 9 small bowls
  • Knife
  • Chopping board


Make sure to have all the ingredients washed and prepared.

Slice up all your ingredients into small portions and place each ingredient in different bowls.

christmas wreath appetizer ingredients
Image credit: Cooking with Jack Show on Youtube

Scatter each bowl around an 8-inch round plate. This will make it easier to grab and know which one will be next for skewing.

With a wood skewer, In order, skew on a cherry pepper, a basil leaf, an artichoke, a baby mozzarella ball, salami, green olive, and black olive.

steps to make a christmas wreath appetizer
Image credit: Cooking with Jack Show on Youtube

Repeat to make 30 skewers with the same process, just enough to fill in a wreath shape on a 10-inch round plate.

On a giant 10-inch round plate, lay seven fresh rosemary leaves in a pizza shape as the base.

Arrange the rosemary on skewers to form a wreath shape. Skootch together to make a full-volumed wreath.

Stack another layer of skewers—and voila, you have a delicious Christmas wreath appetizer.

How to Make a Christmas Wreath Appetizer

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