Turn a Cardboard Box Into a Beautiful Storage Basket

Turn a Cardboard Box Into a Beautiful Storage Basket | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Mana creative corner


Upcycle old cardboard boxes and shirts with this fun and easy DIY tutorial by Mana creative corner! If you have a lot of stuff at home and don’t have enough storage space, this clever idea will solve your problem plus it’s cheap! Save tons of money from buying storage baskets by making your own from the scraps you have at home! I am amazed and awed by this creative craft.  The finished product turned out so cute and not to mention functional! This will make great storage for all of my books and art materials. Learn how to create this by watching the video below.




  • big cardboard box
  • 2 old shirts (preferably XL)
  • hot glue gun or synthetic glue (fevibond)
  • cotton rope
  • pair of scissors
  • cello tape


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Step 1:

Cut all the top cover of the big cardboard box. Next, get your shirt and a pair of scissors. Using the scissors, remove the sleeves of the shirt. After removing the sleeves, cut the top of the shirt in the middle of the sleeve length.

Step 2:

Now get your box and flip it upside down. Then cover it with the shirt. Make sure you can fold and glue the fabric at the bottom. Using a hot glue gun, start gluing the shirt to the box lengthwise. Stretch the cloth while doing this. Then for the two sides, fold the fabric into triangles and attach them with glue.

Turn a Cardboard Box Into a Beautiful Storage Basket Materials
Image by: Mana creative corner


Step 3:

Turn the box on the right side, then start gluing the fabric to each side using the hot glue gun. Next with your pair of scissors, carefully create small holes on the sides for the handles. Make sure that the holes for each side have the same measurement. Get your rope and create 2 rope handles. Insert the handles to both sides through the holes using the scissors. Then make a knot from the inside for the 4 ends of the two handles to secure.

Turn a Cardboard Box Into a Beautiful Storage Basket Instructions
Image by: Mana creative corner


Step 4:

Using the covers of the box and cello tape, create padding for the inside of the box for a flat surface. Now get your other shirt and cut from the end of the sleeves. Using the glue gun, glue the top together. Now fold a half inch for the bottom of each side of the shirt and glue them.

Step 5:

Put the shirt on the box making an inner lining. You can easily remove this and wash it.

Now, look at this beautiful storage basket made from cardboard!



Turn a Cardboard Box Into a Beautiful Storage Basket

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