She Shares Ingenious Car Organizing Tips That You Won’t Want To Miss!

She Shares Ingenious Car Organizing Tips That You Won’t Want To Miss! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Now that it’s 2018 it’s a great time to start out your new year with a clean and organized vehicle.

Let’s be honest, many of us spend an excessive amount of time in our cars. It can be our home away from home. Yet, we often don’t keep it as tidy and organized as we do our homes.


To enjoy your time in your car even more, try out some of these car organization hacks – they can be life changing.

I really needed to see the attached video, since my vehicle was long over due for a good cleaning and some organizing. The back of my SUV has been a “storage unit”, although I never designated it as that!

For the last few years and I just hadn’t made time to get it organized and remove some of the things I’ve been hauling around that didn’t need to be in my car!

I actually got motivated to make some changes after watching this video. I went on Amazon and bought a collapsible trunk organizer and it was only $7.99. Just buying one of these was enough to get me excited about getting organized.  It honestly relieves a bit of stress and makes me feel so much more productive.

Watch how Rachel Talbott gets her car organized in the attached video so you can start out your new year with an organized car!


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