Fast, Simple, & Easy Way To Clean Your Car Wheels

Fast, Simple, & Easy Way To Clean Your Car Wheels | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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If your car wheels’ rims are starting to look rusty and the tires appear black with a tint of brown, then it’s probably high time to give it the deep cleaning it deserves. If you don’t like or feel like going to a car wash, then don’t worry because this tutorial is going to show you how to do it yourself at home. This is so easy to do and takes only 5 simple steps, those are rinsing, cleaning, drying, removing stains, and protection. Thanks to ChrisFix on YouTube for this helpful car cleaning tutorial.



  • Detailing brush set
  • Wheel cleaner
  • Tar remover for car
  • Mild clay bar
  • Compound for car
  • Ceramic detail spray
  • Gel tire dressing
  • Microfiber cloth


Step 1

The first thing that you have to do is to give the wheels a good rinse using a garden hose set at the highest pressure, if you have a pressure washer, then that’s better. After rinsing the entirety of the wheel, remove it from the car, and lay it on the surface where you’ll be cleaning it. Make sure to remove the center cap as well so that you can clean that area, too. Next, spray the entire wheel with the wheel cleaner, then spray some on the brush as well to lubricate it, and start brushing all over the wheel making sure to clean every gap, corner, valve stem, and socket. After brushing and making sure that you’ve removed almost all stain and rust, rinse and wash it well with clean water immediately so that it doesn’t air dry.

Easy Car Deep Cleaning Tutorial
Image credit: ChrisFix via YouTube


Step 2

Now, grab the lug nuts, then spray some wheel cleaner, brush, and rinse until they’re all clean. You may start cleaning the tire itself as well, then give the entire wheel one more rinse, and wipe it dry using a microfiber cloth. To remove any leftover stains, pinch a piece of clay bar, spray some wheel cleaner onto the stain, and start rubbing with medium pressure in a back-and-forth motion. Once done, wipe it dry with a towel, then repeat this process with the rest of the stain. To reuse the clay bar, simply knead it until the white part is exposed. Watch the video tutorial below for more details on how to protect your car wheels.

Easy Car Deep Cleaning Hacks
Image credit: ChrisFix via YouTube


*All image credit belongs to ChrisFix via YouTube. Follow and subscribe to his channel for more!

Fast, Simple, & Easy Way To Clean Your Car Wheels

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