10 Budget Sewing Hacks From the Dollar Store

10 Budget Sewing Hacks From the Dollar Store | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Just Get it Done Quilts


Aside from the essentials, we need some helpful tools for our quilt projects. Sewing accessories can be expensive, but they don’t need to be, with the help of these wonderful ideas. If you are a beginner make sure you have these 10 budget sewing hacks from the dollar store by Just Get it Done Quilts. These all help in making your work easier, safer, and faster! Plus these will help you save tons of money.


1. Extra large zipper bags

These bags come in handy for storing patterns, sewing projects, and fabrics. By organizing them this way, you can stack them into a basket easily.

2. Shelf lining

If you have runaway for pedals, place a shelf lining on the bottom of it so it will no longer move.

3. Lint remover

Make picking up stray threads easy with this lint remover from the dollar store.

4. Flannel table cloths

Before using it, toss it in the hot dryer for 5 minutes to remove all the creases. Stick them to the wall using masking tape wrong side out. Now, you can use it as a design wall for all of your quilt projects.

Budget Sewing Hacks Dollar Store Design Wall
Image by: Just Get it Done Quilts


5. Gloves with tacky palms

This kind of glove work as well as free-motion quilting gloves.

6. Masking tape

7. Makeup brushes or paint brushes

Use these brushes to clean your sewing machine.

8. Cuticle sticks or bamboo skewers

If the piece of the fabric you’re sewing is too small, use these to hold them in place easily.

9. Flexible chopping mats

These can be used as template plastic to quicken your job when making 100 blocks or more.

Budget Sewing Hacks Dollar Store Template
Image by: Just Get it Done Quilts


10. First aid tape

A lot of specialty rulers just come on plain plexiglass. They slip easily on your fabric. To avoid this from happening, add a strip of this tape to the bottom of the ruler, this will give a bit of grip.



10 Budget Sewing Hacks From the Dollar Store

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