Boho Palm Leaves Wall Decor DIY

Boho Palm Leaves Wall Decor DIY | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Million Ideas


Add a gorgeous design to your space by making this cheap and easy craft project. With just colored papers, crepe paper, and cardboard, you can make this stunning boho palm leaves wall decor DIY by Million Ideas on Youtube. It can also be used as decorations for parties or events, just change the colors of the colored paper based on the theme. Read on or watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • A4 colored papers
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • pair of scissors
  • double adhesive
  • crepe paper
  • floral wire
  • cardboard
  • twine
  • hot glue


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Step 1:

Fold the A4 color paper in half crosswise. Then draw a diagonal line from the right bottom corner to the middle on the top. Then cut it with a pair of scissors. Cut a curve a few inches from that middle to the top left corner.

Step 2:

Open the paper, and start folding on the straight end. Fold about half an inch forward then flip it over and fold again. Do this repeatedly until you reach the other end. Add adhesive to one side of the straight end then fold to make a leaf. Cut the edges, so the leaf shape is more defined. Create more in different colors and sizes.

Boho Palm Leaves Wall Decor DIY Tutorial
Image by: Million Ideas


Step 3:

Cut a strip of crepe paper and add adhesive tape to one end lengthwise. Cut small strips on the sides then roll them on the paper wire downward. Then cover the wire with more crepe paper. Make 6 of these.

Step 4:

Create a hollow circle on the cardboard then cover with twine and secure with hot glue. Next, assemble the leaves on your desired design on the half circle. Place them on top of each other to create depth and a flower-like design. Then hot glue the flowers on the back. You can attach a string at the back, so you can hook it on the wall.

Boho Palm Leaves Wall Decor DIY Project
Image by: Million Ideas



Boho Palm Leaves Wall Decor DIY

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