Big Lone Star Quilt Using One Jelly Roll

Big Lone Star Quilt Using One Jelly Roll | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Jordan Fabrics


Don’t you just love the vibrant colors in this big lone star quilt using one jelly roll? This beautiful piece of art is by Jordan Fabrics on Youtube. She has demonstrated how to easily make this awesome quilt project. If you want to know the steps keep on reading or you can watch the video below for detailed step-by-step instructions.



  • background fabric
  • one jolly roll (for the star quilt you only need 36 fabrics)


Step 1:

Divide all of the 36 fabrics into sets with 3 pieces each. Be sure to find one set that has a very dark color and put it on the side. Take the first set and sew it side by side along the edges using a quarter-inch seam. Use a small stitch line when doing this. Open and finger press to one side. Add the 3rd strip with the same procedure. Smooth it out with your hands and iron. Do the same for all of your strip units.

Step 2:

Take one strip unit and fold it in half. Put one of the edges to your 45-degree line on the board. Make sure that when you measure from the top to the left you have 10 inches horizontally. Once it’s nice and straight, place your plastic ruler and make a nice cut. Now move 2-1/2 inches to the left from that cut and make another cut. Keep moving 2-1/2 inches until you have four cuts. Remove the scraps from the top and bottom. Keep the right side up and right side down pieces separated in a stack. For the scraps, turn them around with the bottom aligned to your ruler. While still folded, cut 6 inches wide triangles from them. Do the same for the remaining strip units.


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Step 3:

Take 3 strips and stack them to make a big diamond. Repeat using different strips to make a total of 4 diamonds. Take 1 diamond and put the strips right sides together. Make sure the seams match every intersection. Stitch them to make a big diamond. Do not finger press. Only iron in the direction of the straight grain. Repeat the same procedure for all of the remaining pieces.

Big Lone Star Quilt Using One Jelly Roll Steps
Image by: Jordan Fabrics


Step 4:

Start putting the 4 big diamonds together. Slide one of the diamonds up just a little bit check if the intersection is right then sew them together. Do the same method for the remaining ones.

Step 5:

Alternate all of the large diamonds to make a big star. Work with one-quarter of the quilt at a time. Make the fill-in triangles for each of the corners to avoid Y seams using the black fabric. Do the same for the remaining quarters. Then sew them together to make the big star.

Big Lone Star Quilt Using One Jelly Roll Tutorial
Image by: Jordan Fabrics

Step 6:

For the bonus border, take 7 squares from the scraps, turn them around to look like diamonds, and align them in a row. Cut a 9-inch square fabric and cut it diagonally both ways. Take the black triangles and fill in the corners. Sew them together. Make another one with the same method and sew on the top and bottom of the star.


Big Lone Star Quilt Using One Jelly Roll

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