Best Home Remedy For Mosquitoes

Best Home Remedy For Mosquitoes | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: X-PloDe's Remedies via Youtube


Mosquitoes can be pretty dangerous to your family as they carry diseases such as dengue and malaria. So it’s important to get rid of these pesky pests in your home to protect your loved ones. Luckily, with this home remedy for mosquitoes from X-PloDe’s Remedies on Youtube, you don’t need to spend a lot buying expensive insect spray anymore. You only need some ground coffee, a paper towel, lighter, and you’re good to go! Watch the tutorial below to learn.



  • ground coffee
  • a plate (or old bowl/container)
  • paper towel
  • lighter


Step 1

Put a spoonful of ground coffee into a plate (or container, whichever you have). Spread out the ground coffee a bit on the plate. Next, take a bit of paper towel, tear it down into pieces, then place these little pieces in each corner of the plate. After this, add some more ground coffee over the paper towel pieces but make sure to not entirely cover it, leave some sticking out. (Remember that the more coffee ground you put in, the better. Because all of this will burn off within an hour.)

Preparing the ground coffee into a plate for the mosquitoes
Image credits: X-PloDe’s Remedies via Youtube

Step 2

Take the plate with ground coffee outside and place it where you intend to, then light up the parts of the paper towel that are sticking out using a lighter. (The ground coffee will immediately start producing smoke at this moment.) Let it sit where you place it and it will start doing its thing.

Lighting the paper towel pieces in the coffee ground for it to produce smoke
Image credits: X-PloDe’s Remedies via Youtube

Best Home Remedy For Mosquitoes

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