You Won’t Believe The Awesome Item She Makes On Her Arm Of All Things. Watch!

You Won’t Believe The Awesome Item She Makes On Her Arm Of All Things. Watch! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you haven’t seen this technique before, it will probably blow your mind like it did mine when I first saw this and the end result is magnificent!

Infinity scarves are certainly very sought-after nowadays, and for a good reason! Comfortable, cozy, fluffy and oversized, these scarves are easy to make and they can be worn for years, without losing their quality or properties.


If you are passionate about knitting, then you can now make the best of your hobby with this outstanding arm knitting tutorial!

Arm knitting is a lesser-known knitting technique, yet it can save you a lot of time and trouble – especially if you are just starting to knit!  If you are tired of knitting needles and you feel a bit daring and adventurous, then the infinity scarf tutorial is exactly what you need.

This is a detailed video that emphasizes on all the arm knitting techniques you will be using to make the infinity scarf.

In addition to being so detailed, another benefit of this infinity scarf arm knitting tutorial is the fact that no knitting tools are used – your hands are all you need!

This is perfect for rookie knitters who find it difficult to use the knitting tools. Your fingers will serve as your new knitting tools for this project, and you will definitely love it!

Learn how to do this by watch how Maggie makes this fabulous scarf in her step by step tutorial. These make awesome gifts for birthdays and the upcoming Christmas holidays!


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