Amazing Hand Embroidery Trick

Amazing Hand Embroidery Trick | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Nakshi Kantha World via Youtube


It’s time to get creative – bring out your yarn and pencils! Here’s an amazing hand embroidery trick to make these beautiful flowers. These can be used as embellishments for your bags, hats, and clothes, or as decoration for different objects. Choose the colors that you like to match your projects. It is super simple to make and not complicated at all. Even if you don’t have any knowledge of embroidering, you can easily follow the steps without getting confused. It’s definitely a fun small project you can do on weekends with your friends. Learn how to make it through this tutorial by Nakshi Kantha World on Youtube. Enjoy crafting!



  • yarn
  • two pencils or marker
  • scissors
  • needle
  • thread (use the same color as the yarn)
  • bead or pearl


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Step 1:

Get the two pens and hold them together in one hand.

Step 2:

Get the end of the yarn with your other hand, place it on the pencils, and hold it using your thumb.

Step 3:

Loop it to the first pencil then insert it in between the pencil. Loop it again on the second pencil, insert it in the center, and loop. Repeat until you fill 1/3 of the pen or 25 loops.

Amazing Hand Embroidery Trick Tutorial
Image by Nakshi Kantha World via Youtube


Step 4:

Tie the ends into a knot in the middle, then cut excess yarn.

Step 5:

Insert a needle with a thread into the loops on one pen. Next, insert it into the first loop, leave a big allowance, and cut the thread. Pull the thread so it has the same length on both sides. Tie the ends together into a knot. Do the same on the loops on the second pen.

Amazing Hand Embroidery Trick Project
Image by Nakshi Kantha World via Youtube


Step 6:

Remove the yarn from the pens. Open it, form it into a circle, then press it with your hand.

Step 7:

Sew the bead on the center.


Amazing Hand Embroidery Trick

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