Abstract Floral Art Using a Chain

Abstract Floral Art Using a Chain | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Arts & Crafts


Do you love painting? Me too! Painting is very therapeutic and calming. It’s one of the hobbies I have retained over the years. But just recently, I wanted to try something different and unusual. I looked over the internet to find new ways of painting using object or items. And I’m glad I stumbled across this video by Arts & Crafts! It’s impressive how we can make abstract floral art using a chain. Wow! I have no words for how this painting turned out. Some people are just creative and clever. It’s a fun art project you can try with friends, family, or kids at home. I am sure everyone will be delighted with the results. Watch the video below for the full instructions. Happy painting!



  • canvas
  • white paint and different colors of acrylic paint
  • Floetrol (one to one with paint, a pouring medium to make the paint flow more easily)
  • distilled water mixed with paint and Floetrol for a good consistency


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Step 1:

Put floetrol in all of the paint colors. Then paint the whole canvas with white paint. On a clean surface, make a line by pouring one paint color followed by the two different colors, then repeat 2 times. For additional design to the flowers, drop some paint along the line of acrylic paint. Once done, place the chain on the paint and remove it.

Abstract Floral Art Using a Chain materials
Image by: Arts & Crafts


Step 2:

Place it on the canvas and make curve patterns. Once you are done making the curves, slowly pull the chain in the middle out of the canvas. Then dip the chain again in paint then make 2 small ones on the sides. You can be as creative as you want. If the paint did not flow properly in some areas, you can dip it again and do the same process.

Abstract Floral Art Using a Chain tutorial
Image by: Arts & Crafts




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