9 Tips To Warm Your Apartment Without Heating

9 Tips To Warm Your Apartment Without Heating | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube


Save heating costs this winter season with these pro tips from Smart Fox on Youtube on how to warn your apartment without heating. These tips are surely lifesavers this cold season and will help us not to turn up the heating frequently. Watch the video below to learn these.


#1 Use Curtains

Closed curtains ensure that the heat is kept inside and does not get outside quickly. You should always keep your curtains closed, especially at night.

Always closed the curtain to keep the heat inside the apartment
Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube

#2 Use Hot Water Bottle

If you’re really cold, get under the covers, and put the hot water bottle next to you. This makes it so much warmer under the blanket, and you won’t feel so cold quickly.

#3 Don’t Block The Radiators

Even curtains should not be drawn in front of the radiator. If there is no other way, for example with a sofa, make sure that you always leave a certain gap between because only then can the heat in the room will be distributed properly when you turn on the heater.

#4 Draught Stoppers

Doors usually have a small gap where the heat goes out, and this is why draught stoppers are a good idea. You only need to stick it to your door, and the gap will no longer be that large.

#5 Pets

If you have pets, you should cuddle with them more often. They are nice and warm, and can also provide a source of heat.


#6 Oven

After baking, open the oven door completely and let the whole thing cool down. This way, the heat from the oven can distribute itself in the apartment, and it gets reasonably warmer without having to turn on the heating.

#7 Clothes

It’s important to wear the right clothes. You should wear thick clothes during winter so that you don’t get cold easily.

#8 Bathrobe

If you’re really cold, you can also use a bathrobe. This can provide a really nice warmth, and you don’t have to turn up the heat so much.

#9 Rugs

Rugs can also help retain heat. Lay out a few rugs in the apartment, then it will not be so cold anymore.

Place rugs around the house to help keep the heat inside the apartment
Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube

9 Tips To Warm Your Apartment Without Heating

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