9 Clothing Hacks To Conceal Tummy

9 Clothing Hacks To Conceal Tummy | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Petite Dressing via Youtube


Admit it; there are times that you really want to conceal your tummy without holding it in. Holding your stomach in can be pretty exhausting, especially when you are outside or at a party. Making your life easier, Petite Dressing on Youtube lists down nine life-changing clothing hacks to conceal your tummy. These are not only helpful when you are out and about; but also when you are doing photoshoots or normal picture-taking with friends or family. Watch the video below to learn these.


#1 Avoid too stretchy

Stretchy fabrics will cling to your stomach, and every bit of it will definitely show. But that doesn’t mean your clothes should have no stretch at all. The stretch doesn’t have to be stiff, but they need to have enough weight so they are thick enough to hide your stomach.

Avoiding stretchy clothing to conceal stomach
Image credits: Petite Dressing via Youtube

#2 Create 3 columns of colors

First, wear the same color for the top and bottom (it can be any darker colors.) then top it over with a light-colored outer layer. (It could be a blazer, or cardigan, really up to you.) Now, you have three columns of colors dissecting the front. This will trick the eye into believing that your stomach is much smaller.

#3 Avoid skinny belt

Skinny belts don’t look flattering on most people. Skinny belts, because they are tiny, can look out of proportion and therefore make your tummy look even bigger.

#4 Avoid body con silhouette

Body con will highlight every lump and bump in your body and so if you have a tummy, it’s gonna make it more obvious. But it doesn’t mean your clothes should be bigger because this will only make you look heavier.


#5 Peplum works

Wear a peplum! Even though your top is fitted, and your skirt is tight, the ruffles are covering up all the stomach. This will make your tummy disappear. But not all peplums are created equal. You should look for ruffles that are long enough to cover up the widest part of your tummy. This also works with peplum dresses.

#6 Asymmetrical hem

If you have a tummy, asymmetrical hems are very flattering. Most of the time, people wear clothes with horizontal hems, this makes them look wide and therefore make their stomach obvious. When you wear an asymmetrical hem, the angle from this clothing will make you look slim and make your tummy less obvious.

#7 Avoid anything paper bag

When you have a tummy, your goal is to always minimize your stomach area, and you never want to add anything to it. That’s exactly what paper bag pants do. These are very trendy clothes but because they got extra fabrics, this will only make your stomach area look even bigger. This will also draw more attention to your stomach area.

#8 Selected pleated pants

Pleated pants can make or break your look if you’re trying to hide your stomach. Pleats that are too big can create too much space, and that can make your stomach look even bigger. Find pleated pants that have a fine balance to create a space but are not exaggerated.

#9 Avoid low rise

If you have a tummy, avoid low-rise jeans. This type of jeans will barely cover your stomach. Sitting will also be a problem because when you sit, your stomach has nowhere to go but to pop out.

Avoid low-rise jeans if hiding stomach
Image credits: Petite Dressing via Youtube

9 Life-Changing Hacks To Conceal Tummy

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