8 Dishwasher Mistakes You Should Never Make

8 Dishwasher Mistakes You Should Never Make | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube


If you have a dishwasher at home, you probably use it regularly instead of washing the dishes. But did you know there are ways to utilize your dishwasher? These eight dishwasher mistakes from Smart Fox on Youtube will definitely give you insights on how to utilize your dishwasher – from spacing the dishes to the right soaps to use; it is truly a very informative video. Watch it below and share it with your family and friends!


#1 Pre-rinsing the dishes

This step only costs unnecessary energy, because the dishwasher ensures that the dishes are washed perfectly. What you should do, however, is to remove larger pieces of food from the plate beforehand so that they do not clog the filter of your dishwasher.

Pre-rinsing the dishes before dishwasher is a big mistake
Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube

#2 Turning on the dishwasher when it’s not really full

This only consumes energy unnecessarily. Therefore you should always wait until the dishwasher is full.

#3 Loading the dishwasher the wrong way

A lot of us put dishes way too close together, and it will only end up with the dishes not properly cleaned. Make sure that you keep the dishes to their intended placements. Also, don’t stack larger items on top of each other. If you put a lot of large items such as pans in the dishwasher, this can disturb the water flow.

#4 Closing the dishwasher completely when it’s not in use

This can cause molds to the dishwasher, therefore, you should always leave it a little open when not in use. Also, make sure to unscrew the filter now and then and remove the smaller dirt.


#5 Not cleaning the filter

You should clean the filter once in a while as it can make the dishwasher not run properly. The same applies to the arm. You can usually get these out by carefully pulling it, then check whether the holes are all clean and are not clogged.

#6 Having not enough rinse

For a perfect dishwashing result, you should also always make sure to have enough rinse aid in it and top it up once if necessary. This also applies to dishwasher salt. If the dishwasher salt compartment is empty, the dishwasher may not produce the perfect results you want.

#7 The use of conventional dishwasher tabs

Many of them are real environmental sinners and it is always clearly too much but with half a tab, you could easily make it work. Therefore, it is much better to either use dishwasher powder or even make your own dishwasher tabs or dishwasher powder.

#8 Use of space in the dishwasher incorrectly

Did you know that you can usually adjust the height of the top rack? By adjusting it, you can look at what you want to put in the dishwasher. For example, more space for larger items above or below. This way, you can use the space in the dishwasher perfectly.

Adjusting the height of the dishwasher to fully utilize it
Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube

8 Dishwasher Mistakes You Should Never Make

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